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Steve Sawyer delivering a trauma transformation program

Treatment Programs Trauma Transformations



Steve has over two decades immersed in high acuity treatment programming. This ranges from his earliest years in high-intensity adolescent residential treatment to adult dual diagnosis addictions IOP program. In 2007, he revolutionized the wilderness therapy world with a trauma-informed wilderness program model that was recognized as a promising experiential treatment model. He thrives in working with teams to see through the lens of trauma-responsive care, which is a progressive evolution beyond trauma-informed. Trauma-responsive by definition includes a fully comprehensive action-based responsiveness that goes far beyond being informed on brain science.

Steve’s Programs that
Transform Treatment Programming

Trauma-Responsive: One-Day Immersion

This one-day model of reframing trauma responses into various survival adaptations takes participants through a process of understanding the behaviors of trauma survivors through not only a science lens, but also through a compassionate, relational lens. This program includes experiential exercises and small groups for transforming a team to its highest potential. 

Trauma Responsive Tools: One-Day Immersion

This model takes the team through the concept of building skills to manage trauma adaptations. This includes an overview of trauma response with direct tools for building self-regulation capability. This includes interceptive exercises, experiential experiences, and implementation of the techniques of HeartMath.

Line Staff Trauma Responsive & Relational Training Program

Line staff our the most essential part of any treatment programs equation in creating a Trauma Responsive program. Staff in this role must balance the tight rope of managing behaviors and structure along with responding in emotionally safe ways to stressed clients or students. This training outlines the trauma science behind behaviors and structures responsive options. 

This full day seminar for line staff include:

  • Applicable Trauma Science to understand day to day behaviors

  • Power and Control dynamics in trauma

  • The Role of Boundaries and Limits in Trauma Responsiveness

  • Managing form of Emotional Manipulation in a TR approach

  • Healthy Challenge and Confrontation through a Trauma Responsive Lens

  • Experiential Exercise for Non-Aggressive Communication

Trauma Beginning to End: Full Clinical Treatment Programming Training (Three Days)

This is a comprehensive clinical training directed at supporting clinicians in treating trauma in a thorough integrated way. This is an immersive workshop that works through practical and essential elements of the treatment journey and provides structural teachings on:

  • Three stages of Comprehensive Trauma Treatment

  • Client assignments for building awareness 

  • Key elements of memory work 

  • Dissociation management

  • Creating and keeping treatment momentum

  • Healthy strategies for transitioning clients to treatment completion.

Equilibrium: Trauma Treatment Model 

This model is a comprehensive system of treatment implementation with a structured approach to treat trauma through a Resilience lens. Equilibrium is filled with experiential exercises, trauma science, and strategic interventions based upon covering the 6 E’s. It is thorough approach and require two sessions of 3 day training immersions. 

Participants will learn techniques and experiential processes focused on:

  • Decreasing trauma based reactivity to begin treatment

  • Increasing Interoceptive capability and Body connectedness

  • Trauma responsive ways to exploring trauma histories

  • Examining trauma work through a somatic lens

  • Experiential processes that develop empowerment

  • Treatment transitioning

Brainspotting: Phase 1 & 2

Cut from the Herd 

High Acuity-Focused Brainspotting

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