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Healing in the Woods

Early in Steve’s career he specialized in working with tough to reach clients. In his quest to support these clients in a more attuned way, he moved out of his office to the parkway’s of Milwaukee. Experiential exercises, and natures lessons quickly dominated his strong therapeutic skill set. Steve left the comforts of an Outpatient practice fully in 2007 when he Co-founded New Vision Wilderness. Steve is an advocate for Healthy and Emotionally safe experiences that marry modern Trauma Responsive Care principles, cutting edge psychotherapy, experiential experience immersion and getting out of the office setting. He maintains that Human’s are not designed to heal in box’s and 50 minute sessions. To learn about the group of programs he founded, visit these sites. 

Stories from the Field: Steve Sawyer, Co-Founder/Chief Clinical Consultant of New Visions Wilderness

Steve Swayer is Co-Founder/Chief Clinical Consultant of New Visions Wilderness. 

Stories from the Field

Stories from the Field: Trauma and Wilderness Therapy

How can wilderness therapy help young people suffering from trauma? Is transporting young people to wilderness therapy traumatizing? We explore these topics and more with Steve Sawyer, Co-Founder/Chief Clinical Consultant of New Vision Wilderness.

Stories from the Field

New Vision Wilderness is the original founding site based in Medford Wisconsin


Deschutes Wilderness Therapy was founded in Bend Oregon


First Light Wilderness was founded in Georgia in 2020

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