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Panoramic shot of a gazelle herd resting under a tree

The Cut from the Herd addictions treatment model is a comprehensive 3 Stage system for releasing the chains of addiction.

It is inclusive and can be integrated with any other addictions models to systematically work through addiction with both an Attachment and Trauma Science Lenses. 

Find out more in this video, where Steve Sawyer gives a brief talk on additions.

Gazelle Silhouette at Sunset

Cutting the Chains & Creating Connection

Choices and Change 

Commitments, Ceremony & Celebration

The three stages of the Cut From The Herd model are focused on Cutting the Chains and Creating Connection, invoking Choices and Change by strategic self-examination and strategic planning, and finishing with Commitments, Ceremony and Celebration while immersing in a new way of Life. Each stage has 4 concise steps of action, carefully crafted assignments, and structured goals to support the individual’s efforts in a pathway to new found opportunities.

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