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Indigenous Services by Steve Sawyer LCSW

  Focused Services

Healing Trauma and Addiction at the Roots for Future Generations


One of Steve’s deepest passions is the support of Indigenous communities

Supporting healing of both generational trauma and addiction within Indigenous communities remains one of Steve Sawyer's most devoted life missions.

Steve spends extensive both personal time and career with our countries indigenous people. His Grandmother was a “split feather” a term for a displaced native adoptee.  He travels the country extensively working on reservations offering his Indigenous focused services. He does this offering Native Focused Brainspotting, Generation Red Road Facilitator, offering trauma responsive workshops, and supporting tribes with trauma responsive consultations. His time is committed to the Canku Luta or Red Road way of life.

Steve credits the Canku Luta for his success in understanding self and his connection to creation. His appreciation for the ways of the indigenous people of turtle island has lead him on a path that is deeply rooted in a life long journey to understand the values in which they live by.


Through this experience Steve’s clinical and science background is able to relate science to bring both our worlds together creating opportunities for healing to all. 


Steve’s workshops in Native communities are built to honor each independent tribe's elders, wisdom, unique history, customs, language, and integration of their traditional practices. Most importantly, he recognizes each of our Native communities and people's incredible resilience.

Steve’s work in Native communities includes:

Trauma Immersion Intensive Education Days

Wellbriety Mending Broken Hearts Curriculum Implementation

Trauma Responsive Program Implementation and Consultation

Reigniting Resilence Workshops

Native Focused Brainspotting Trainings

Equilibrium Model Implementation with Cultural Integration

Trauma, Resilience Healing training with Steve Sawyer started me on a healing awakening I never knew existed before.

Imua Kākou - U'i at an early age, suffering from trauma

The six-hour training showed me how my 50 year old self could get out of my life long fight or flight trauma roller coast since the age of 7.  For the first time in 30 years I really felt like some one really heard, saw and believed me.


Mahalo Steve!  So honored to have the tools with me to make sure I love on this little girl that still lives in me. 

Imua Kākou


Steve's Most Requested Indigenous Focused Trainings

Steve Saywer Trauma Informed Immersion Day
Endless Venom Training by Steve Sawyer
Cut from the Herd Training by Steve Sawyer
Trauma Responsive Tools Day Training by Steve Sawyer
Steve Sawyer Indigenous Services
Steve Sawyer Indigenous Services
Steve Sawyer Indigenous Services
Steve Sawyer Indigenous Services
Steve Sawyer Indigenous Services
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Art Solomon, Anishinaabe Elder

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